Maximizing Campaign Performance: A How To Guide to Increasing ROI

Maximizing Campaign Performance A How To Guide to Increasing ROIYou’ve worked hard to craft the perfect email or SMS campaign–your message is clear, your call-to-action is strong, you have a highly targeted database to distribute to, but how can you get the most out of your campaign in terms of performance?

Several key components need to be optimized, beyond the basics of your campaign, in order to maximize performance.  Beyond the content of your message, the quantity of your database and other primary aspects, you have to dig a little deeper to optimize lesser-known attributes such as authentication and deliverability. These and other secondary components are often overlooked by most marketers, and their campaigns suffer because of it.

A perfect example of attributes often overlooked is continued optimization of your database.   Optimizing your list, or performing ”list rehab,” is an important part of any campaign to maximize deliverability and ROI.  Simply gaining a massive number of subscribers means nothing if the quality of those subscribers is subpar.  It’s also important to continually build your database, even after you’ve executed your first campaign.  Many times the same old database is used over and over, with attention being put elsewhere.  Your database is the foundation of any campaign, whether it be email or SMS, and avoiding continued optimization will only decrease the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your campaigns in the long run.

Authentication is another area that needs to be thoroughly optimized and can actually make or break a successful campaign.  Since no universal authentication standards exist, many ISPs have adopted their own, meaning effective deliverability now relies on effective authentication.  By authenticating your outgoing emails and thus making your identity clear and verifiable, you are also accepting accountability for those emails.  As such, authentication is increasingly seen as evidence of a good email sender, and it will be reflected in the end-result of your campaign through your delivery rate.

After optimizing the underlying attributes of your campaign, including deliverability, authentication, database building, etc., it’s equally important to optimize the message being portrayed in terms of brand assurance.  While your main focus as a marketer is likely to encourage the execution of your call-to-action, brand assurance should be carefully optimized as well.  Maintaining a uniform look and feel in every campaign you execute reaffirms your brand’s image and goes a long way in terms of the public’s perception of your brand and, in turn, your campaign’s performance.

Making sure to cover all bases and optimize all attributes of your campaign may seem like a tedious process, but it will go a long way in terms of effectiveness and ROI.  This is one of the many reasons that managed services are becoming more and more popular with novice and experienced marketers alike.  Handing over the process of continued optimization to dedicated professionals is increasingly becoming a favored option, for good reason.  The larger your campaigns, the more optimization required, and managed services make sure nothing is left to chance.

mobileStorm has carefully crafted its Go and Pro product offerings to fulfill the needs of any marketer, large or small.  The Go platform is designed for small- to mid-sized marketing needs, while Pro was developed to cater to those who would benefit from the advanced solutions that managed services bring.  Handing over the processes and optimization described above to the dedicated account professionals at mobileStorm ensures that your campaigns will be as successful as possible, while giving you peace of mind in knowing that nothing has been left to chance.


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