Portada, a leading source for news and information within the Latin marketing and media space, has published a best practices report on effectively targeting mobile marketing campaigns to the growing Hispanic population of the United States – 40% of which now connects to the internet via mobile devices.

Incredibly, only 20% of marketers endeavor to reach the Hispanic market through mobile marketing campaigns, a stunning revelation that indicates the magnitude of opportunities being overlooked time and time again.

Portada suggests that lifestyle, sports, and video content represent huge areas of untapped potential for mobile marketers who may be interested in expanding their reach into both Spanish and English speaking Hispanic communities throughout the United States. As a case study, the piece alludes to T-Mobile’s successful and recently launched El Llamado del Futbol campaign – a marketing strategy that drew enormous interest from Hispanic mobile users through an enticing sweepstakes and exclusive mobile content.

While the Portada article admits that mobile marketers haven’t altogether ignored the Hispanic community and continue to reach this audience on a daily basis, a cogent case is made that too few mobile channels are employed when Hispanic audiences are the primary focus of a mobile marketing campaign.

According to Hipcricket chief marketing officer Jeff Hasen: \”Hispanic mobile subscribers are among the most active and interested in interacting with brands. We see a promising and steady increase in Hispanics opting into our permission-based mobile marketing network. Brands are capitalizing – for instance, a campaign for Home Box Office saw a 13 percent click-through rate for Hispanic mobile users, perhaps six times what might have been recorded for a similar campaign online.\”