Making Email And SMS Work Together For Increased EngagementAs mobile marketing continues to garner the most attention, digital marketers need to realize the immense benefits of a multi-channel approach.  While companies are beginning to understand and implement SMS marketing strategies, the fact remains that email still produces incredible ROI, and should be called upon to compliment an SMS strategy, not be passed up in lieu of.

The two can work hand in hand to create unique, memorable and highly engaging campaigns.  With consumers increasingly  retrieving their email on mobile devices, email marketing is already beginning to evolve once again to  accommodate things like mobile access.  Optimizations are becoming  necessary  to account for things like Flash animation not being supported on a large  proportion  of devices, for example.  Likewise, optimization with SMS and the integration of the two can have profound effects on your overall campaign.

Combining campaign management for email and SMS will let brands  manage customers more effectively.  An excellent example of which could be when an SMS offer is sent to a customer based on an email he’s just opened.  The chances of a sale increase dramatically, and engagement for that campaign increases significantly.  Not unlike the combination of social media and email marketing, where a viral effect can take place to increase sign-up an overall viewership, the combination of email and SMS can have similar far-reaching effects.

Long gone are the days of a single-channel marketing approach, or at least they should be, and in-touch marketers should understand and implement a well thought out multi-channel approach to keep up with the times.  Understanding the unique benefits of each channel and knowing how to integrate effectively can do wonders for your campaign ROI and your company’s bottom line.