Often mysterious but never in short supply, the digital creatures known as mobile coupons have become a presence far more profitable, formidable, and ubiquitous than most realize.

With the tangible benefits of mobile coupons beginning to resonate with consumers just as the newspaper clipping variety once did, businesses and entire industries have accepted that mobile coupons are among the best promotional tools of the trade in contemporary, cutting edge marketing.

Although many companies large and small have exhibited reluctance to hop aboard the mobile coupon bandwagon due to their lack of understanding of mobile marketing and its potential, retailers who successfully craft and implement effective mobile coupon campaigns promptly discover how the pennies they offer in savings can quickly yield enormous monetary and branding gains.

Why are mobile coupon campaigns effective?

  • Rather than viewing mobile coupons as spam, most consumers who receive interesting mobile coupons actually review the offer. A sizable portion of those views consistently result in sales.
  • The average cell phone user’s handset is switched on for the majority of each day. As a result, mobile coupons can reach the masses efficiently and effectively, which is important, particularly during time-sensitive marketing campaigns.
  • The accessibility and eco-friendly attributes of mobile coupons provide consumers with a highly attractive purchasing opportunity.

It should come as no surprise then that the findings of a recent PROMO magazine poll indicate that better than a quarter of all North American marketers are now actively investing in some form of digital coupon marketing endeavor. And even though the look and feel of each marketer’s offering may look slightly different, the overwhelming majority of mobile coupon campaigns adhere to one of several established models. For example:

  • A buy one, get one free coupon or promotional code.
  • A free trial opportunity – an incentive coupon or code for first time buyers or subscribers.
  • A rewards-based offer – a coupon that rewards customers of a product/service with a discount on a related product or service.

The great potential for growth in the business of mobile coupons is ultimately rooted in the nearly sixty percent of consumers who report being eager to receive a coupon on their mobile phone. The average consumer’s warm embrace of mobile coupons is the reason a new report from Juniper Research is forecasting that consumer usage of mobile coupons will likely generate close to $6 billion in global retail redemption by 2014.

When appropriately chiseled out to follow the same regulations and best practices governing the distribution of mobile messages, a mobile coupon campaign can prove a surprisingly cost-effective way for businesses and retailers to generate lasting streams of revenue.

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