The search world is getting increasingly more personalized, with user behavior targeting becoming a heavier factor in online marketing, with Google\’s universal search, and with other trends. Thus I\’m starting a series on local search marketing.

This series will include:

  • An explanation of local web marketing and its advantages.
  • A number of strategies that you can implement for success in local search.
  • Offline neighborhood assistance in your online initiatives.
  • Ways of finding and using effective local keywords.
  • Mobile solutions for local marketing.
  • A list of local search engines and directories to which you might want to submit your website, in order to get more local exposure for your online business.

As you can see, this topic is broad and requires a marketer\’s devotion. In turn, the benefits to be reaped are great if you seriously work on it.

Let\’s start with the definition of the term. Consumers in the past found local businesses through print yellow pages and other means. While those mediums still exist, local search engines, specialized directories, and web-based \”yellow pages\” are becoming much more popular.

Some interesting facts about local search:

  • According to comScore, approximately 1.3 billion local searches are performed each month in the United States.
  • ComScore also says that 82 percent of online users are conducting local searches.
  • The top five local search sites are reaching about 55 percent of the general Internet audience, according to ComScore.
  • The Kelsey Group estimates that the sector generated $3.4 billion last year, and that the market could grow to $13 billion by 2010.

Local search can be an effective part of your online marketing plan. Why?

  • It is a good traffic source that many marketers forget to utilize; the competition is not as strong as in the general search area.
  • In many cases it\’s completely free (or at least cheap), and this cost effectiveness increases your ROI.
  • It results in high conversions, especially when your business is truly local.
  • It is indeed relevant.
  • It helps you to dominate your local market while increasing brand awareness locally and online.
  • The number of locally-concentrated sites and blogs will only increase, so it\’s good if you are represented on all maps and local sites as early as possible.

I hope these arguments will encourage you to take the local search seriously. Get ready for upcoming posts! Next up: A discussion about exact local search marketing strategies, which can help you to beat your online competition big-time.

Until then,

Shavkat Karimov, Internet Marketing Manager, mobileStorm
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