Live TV Becoming Major Player in MobileSoon the television advertisers of the world may be more concerned with the eyes watching on the mobile screen instead of the TV screen.

As more and more evidence emerges to suggest the explosion in popularity of live TV streaming to our mobile devices, the millions of smartphones floating about the population are becoming an even larger portal to consumers ripe for targeted TV advertising than many advertisers presently realize.

Just this week, for example, it was announced that Dish subscribers will soon be afforded an opportunity – free of additional charge – to watch live satellite TV on their mobile devices.

Hopping on the mobile television bandwagon, Dish Network Corp. will offer this service on the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and BlackBerry devices in addition to phones using Google Inc.’s Android system all before the end of 2010.

As noted by the Associated Press, this move from Dish is simply the latest in “the race for video supremacy among subscription TV providers.”

Since more television viewers already subscribe to some form of cable or satellite television service, the time for migration to mobile platforms has finally come for the major players in subscription based television entertainment.

And as TV on mobile phones becomes a bigger phenomenon than ever before, so too do the opportunities for mobile marketers to reach new audiences and seize new opportunities among viewers far more likely to absorb content from mobile phones than traditional television offerings.