A little known mobile channel, text-to-screen provides powerful benefits and a means to engage large groups like never before.  Inducing engagement on a large scale while maintaining simplicity and extreme relevancy and targeting make text-to-screen a powerful tool for any in-the-know mobile marketer.

The concept of text-to-screen enables a brand, venue or individual to engage their audience and compel them to participate in a variety of ways, while still allowing them to see results in real-time.  By enlisting a simple short code, keywords and a large screen, brands can leverage the group-aspect of any crowd to both interact and collect valuable consumer-data along the way.

When groups come together at a particular venue, whether its a concert, restaurant, corporate gathering, etc., you as a marketer are blessed with a group of people who all share a similar interest.  Leveraging this group-wide interest by way of allowing the group to interact with each other and the brand itself is what makes text-to-screen a powerful channel.

If a band is playing at a local bar, for example, the audience already shares the same interest in that band and the type of music they play.  Allowing those audience members to interact with each other and the band itself by way of texting song requests, for example, and even interacting with the venue are great ways to add value to the experience and collect all-to-valuable consumer-data after it’s all said and done.

After a text-to-screen campaign is executed, the marketer is left with a database of opted-in users who all participated in the campaign in one way or another.  With every SMS sent, you collect user-data such as that user’s mobile phone number and other user-specific data that can later be used to send additional marketing messages.  In the end, consumer data-collection by way of text-to-screen is the underlying benefit- on top of providing a unique and interactive experience for those involved.

If you’re looking for an innovative way to engage large groups, or want to expand your mobile marketing arsenal, take the time to learn what text-to-screen can do for your brand.  To find out how to become a pro with text-to-screen, visit mobileStorm today.