Keep it Clean! Don’t Let a Dirty List Hit You in the Pocket This Year – Part Three

This is the final installment of a three-part series dedicated to helping email marketers make the best of their campaigns through proper list management and hygiene.

Part 3: The Benefits

While taking the time to clean and maintain your list may seem time consuming, the payoff is more than worth it.  For instance, here are the some significant gains to think about.

Save time and Money

  1. You spend less money by not sending to people who don’t engage (open or click) your email. Although email is the cheapest form of digital marketing, unnecessary revenue is wasted cost due to delivery issues.
  2. Retain money that can be focused on other marketing efforts such as mobile marketing.

Increase delivery and Strengthen brand reputation

  1. Your delivery will increase and as a result reach a larger portion of subscribers who are interested in your message
  2. You increase the chances of subscribers purchasing your product or attending your event
  3. Build a positive reputation with ISPs (also contributes to better delivery)
  4. Strengthen your relationships with subscribers
  5. Increase the market value of your brand

Check out mobilestorm’s case study on how implementing best practices increased delivery by 20% here.

So…what’s next?

As an email marketer, maintaining your list is clearly the most logical thing you can do for your business.  Let’s face it, in this economy, none of us can afford to waste money especially because of something that we can prevent. If you are not sure how to maintain or clean your list, mobilestorm can help.  We have trained account managers with years of experience that can work with you on implementing techniques to ensure you are getting the best out of your investment.

The New Year is here and along with it is an opportunity to get your email list into shape.

Until next time, keep it clean!


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  1. Jon says:

    18.11.2012KatqZdraveite,imame ka6ta na dva etaja ,grub stroej do pkiorv v s.Beli Iskar..Imame ideq da q prevarnem v ka6ta za gosti no neznaem dali imame pravo i 6ans za nqkakav vid subsidiq po proekt.Blagodarq za otdelenoto vreme.

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