HTML5 Brings Embedded Video Potential To Email Marketing

HTML5 Brings Embedded Video Potential To Email MarketingVideo is one of the most engaging formats from a marketing standpoint, and while email marketers have still utilized video in their promotions, the true potential has yet to be realized- until now.

The problem begins with email clients, which strip JavaScript and Flash embeds due to security concerns.  Because of this, email marketers have been forced to link to videos from a static image within emails to a landing page containing a video player.  The next best solution, and currently the most widely used, is to deliver video through an animated GIF file.  Both solutions will suffice, but neither are ideal.

With the evolution of HTML5, however, the limitations are lifted due to the fact that HTML5 videos are built directly into supporting email clients and browsers, making security a non-issue.  Using the emerging technology, email marketers can deliver full-motion, high-quality video directly to the inbox, with audio and basic player controls as well.

As for broad-range compatibility for viewing HTML5 video, we’re not there yet, but getting closer.  For instance, Outlook doesn’t support the rendering of video of any kind in emails, but newer clients such as those found on the iPhone, iPad, most new mobile devices and in Apple Mail will support HTML5 perfectly.

As the technology continues to evolve, it will one day become ubiquitous, but until then, segmentation will still be required in order to achieve broad compatibility among mail clients.  Still, this is a huge step forward for email marketing and the evolution of its engagement capabilities.


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