Digital marketing by definition is a multi-channel concept, reaching consumers using the Internet, email, mobile and other interactive channels.  All to often however, marketers tend to favor one channel over all others, crippling their  effectiveness  in the process.

While digital marketing can no doubt be effective using one message type, it is much more successful when a marketer combines multiple channels within the same campaign.  For example, if a company is trying to promote a new product release, they could send out an email message or text campaign individually.  This, if properly executed, could yield positive results, however this same campaign could be exponentially improved if multiple message types are implemented.

An email could be sent to a list of potential customers with a special offer for those that also include their cell phone number, for example, which would allow for a follow up campaign a few days later sent via text message (SMS) with the special offer attached.  A multi-channel approach not only improves overall effectiveness for your campaign, but also provides an enhanced level of engagement to your target audience along the way.

Various push and pull message technologies can also be used in conjunction with each other.  For example, an email campaign can include a banner ad or link to a content download, which enables a marketer to have the best of both worlds in terms of their marketing methodology.

Of course, taking a multi-channel approach requires the right tools and software to  facilitate, but luckily the advancement of technologies such as SaaS-based marketing platforms simplify the entire process and makes multi-channel marketing all but effortless.  MobileStorm’s all-inclusive digital marketing platform is a prime example of multi-channel marketing made easy by way of SaaS.