If you’re one of the many mobile marketers in the U.S., there’s good news regarding the Hispanic demographic.

Analysis of the 52 percent who are comfortable making mobile purchases shows that U.S. Hispanic consumers are likelier than their non-Hispanic counterparts to buy via smartphone or tablet.

The research, conducted in August, discovered that approximately half of U.S. Hispanic mobile buyers had purchased clothes, electronics, music, or movie tickets within the past month.

Conversely, non-Hispanic mobile buyers were dramatically less inclined to make such purchases.

Some perspective might be in order. Though mobile is the boom arena for brands and marketers, just under half of U.S. consumers (48 percent) have never used their mobile device to execute a purchase, according to a September 2014 survey.

The sticking point? Safety concerns, according to the survey.

“U.S. Hispanic mobile buyers also are more inclined to use their devices to research products with online product reviews as their most valued resource,” noted eMarketer in a post on the survey. “While 53 percent of Hispanic mobile buyers looked for online product reviews on their smartphones and tablets, just 44 percent of non-Hispanics did the same.”