Is Google losing ground? That appears to be the logical conclusion in response to freshly published mobile search data.

When it comes to mobile search , Google’s market share has dropped to 83.26 percent. Not surprisingly, both Bing and Yahoo continue to make incremental gains.

To see for yourself, check out the ugly stats here.

While Google is still the search giant dominating the field, figures from StatCounter confirm that it now has the lowest market share since September 2013.

Google’s position on desktop is frailer still, with 76.4 percent of all searches, while Bing and Yahoo sit at 13 percent and 9 percent.

“Google Sites led the U.S. explicit core search market in August with 67.3 percent market share, followed by Microsoft Sites with 19.4 percent (up 0.1 percentage points) and Yahoo Sites with 10 percent,” reads a report summary from comScore’s August 2014 U.S. Search Engine Rankings. “Ask Network accounted for 2 percent of explicit core searches, followed by AOL, Inc. with 1.3 percent.”