Global Mobile Advertising Industry Continues Rapid ExpansionAlthough it’s easy to perceive the very perceptible growth of the mobile advertising industry, new data continues to confirm what we all viscerally know to be true – the industry is booming and expanding at an exponential rate.

New data from mobile media firm BuzzCity is generating lots of buzz for pointing to this expansion during Q3 2010.

According to the Q3 report, the global mobile advertising industry grew by 17% during Q3 2010. Some regions (like Libya), showed as much as a 154% increase during the quarter. China saw a 130% increase, and Kenya similarly grew 116%.

The report tracks the growth of the BuzzCity Mobile Internet Advertising Network across more than 200 countries around the world, where Indonesia placed number one worldwide in terms of ad-banners served.

All told, better than a dozen nations saw double digit growth in mobile advertising during the three month period of Q3.

But the “key countries that stand out as showing strong sustainable growth are India, with an average growth of 79% over the last quarter, Turkey 54% and the US 49%,\” said BuzzCity\’s CEO, Dr KF Lai.

While the UK is often considered to be on the cutting edge of all things mobile, the British saw only a 25% increase in traffic with about 239 million ad banners served.