Multi-Channel MarketingHere\’s an entertaining way to understand the power of multi-channel singing. I heard that an MBA professor teaches his students using examples like the following:

Imagine that you are a singer-wannabe named Linda who describes herself as \”World\’s Greatest Singer\”.
That\’s Branding.

A friend has sent you an email invitation to a music-networking event. You tell your other friends but they had already received it too.
That\’s Email Marketing.

You arrive at the event and see a lot of music producers there. You write them each a note describing how good you are at singing.
That\’s Direct Mail Marketing.

You approach one guy and say, \”Hey, I\’m the world\’s greatest singer.\” But he is a technical analyst for some magazine. You go up to another one but he introduces you to the new star-to-be their agency signed a contract with and who they are about to promote.
That\’s Wrong Targeting.

Then you notice a known music promoter in the corner. You send your friend to him to explain how great you are at singing.
That\’s a Referral Program.

You friend gets his cell phone number for you, and you text him, \”Hey, my name is Linda. Would you like to enjoy the voice of the World\’s Greatest Singer? Please reply with YES or NO.\”
That\’s Mobile Marketing.

He replies with YES. You walk over and offer him an expensive drink. You talk about the uniqueness of your voice, the singing competitions you have won, and your ability to develop yourself into a real music legend.
That\’s PR.

And then you tell him, \”I\’m the world\’s greatest singer and you have the chance to sign a contract with me. Be first to catch the rising star!\”
That\’s Personal Sales.

You\’ve got his phone number. The next day you give him a call describing how good you are at singing.
That\’s Telemarketing.

You know that there is a huge music festival tomorrow. You arrange to get yourself to perform there.
That\’s Product Placement.

You get to the festival, wearing a beautiful dress, arrange decorations for your act, train your voice and rehearse with your band. You get ready for your chance.
That\’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

In the door, a friend of yours is distributing flyers that describe you as an outstanding singer.
That\’s putting out Press Releases.

Music professionals are picking up some magazines from the tables and every magazine has several inserts one of which says: \”Linda is a Greatest Singer in the World!\”
That\’s PPC (Pay-Per-Click).

You come to the center of the festival hall, then take a microphone and declare, \”I\’m the World\’s Greatest Singer!\”
That\’s Public Advertising.

Afterwards, you follow with another statement: \”Come and pick up my CDs. They are free!\”
That\’s Sales Promotion.

You get drunk later and walk around the entire festival place, coming to every person and screaming that you are the World\’s Greatest Singer.
That\’s Spam.

In a month or so, you go to another music business event and see a known producer from a big record label. He comes up to you and says, \”I\’ve heard you are a the World\’s Greatest Singer.\”
That\’s Brand Recognition.

At this event, everybody is talking about how great they hear you are at singing. They all want to get your new CDs.
That\’s the result of using Multi-Channel Marketing.

Shavkat Karimov
Director, Online Marketing
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