First mobileStorm Employee To Take Dedication Challenge, Tattoos Logo On WristWithin days of offering to pay a $1,000 bonus to any employee willing to brand themselves with mobileStorm’s tornado logo, CEO Jared Reitzin is already being forced to pay up.

Roxanne Brown, a mobileStorm Customer Satisfaction Rep, took the plunge last weekend to have the blue tornado portion of the company’s logo tattooed on the inside of her wrist, proving long-lasting dedication to the company she loves.  Though she admits the bonus offer helped, the reasoning behind her decision goes much further than simply padding her paycheck.

“I admit the bonus first caught my eye, but after the initial mercenary, ‘I\’m doing it!’ the more I pondered it, the more I thought it would be a great way to show my fellow Troopers that I share their dedication to making mobileStorm the best company it can be and that I plan on sticking around for a VERY long time,” explained Brown.  “Besides, I can\’t resist a challenge.”

Admitting she’s always been fascinated  by symbols, Brown explains the personal meaning behind the move; “The tornado forms a helical spiral, symbolizing life, growth, and evolution; and it\’s also a very powerful force.  2010 is the beginning of a new chapter in my life, and my coming to mobileStorm is a significant part of that.”

“Coming to work here felt like coming ‘home’ after so many years in the soulless, sterile environment of corporate America,” she continued.  “Every day at mobileStorm is more like being part of a family business or a group of like-minded friends, because even though we\’re busy and everyone works hard we laugh a lot and have fun.  It\’s pretty rare to find a place where you not only don\’t mind being with people 8+ hours every day, but you actually like hanging out with your crew after hours and on weekends. We have that here, and it\’s truly a gift.”

When asked why she chose her wrist for the ink, she explained; “I’d already been thinking about what to get on my wrist, and this lends itself nicely to what will eventually become an art piece telling, in pictures, a story of some of my more momentous stops along life\’s long and winding road.”

In asking what her plans might be for the permanent reminder of her decision if things would happen to change, Brown further explained the true underlying meaning of the tattoo; “I\’m planning to retire from mobileStorm, but even if I don\’t I\’ll still keep the tattoo exactly as is.  It serves as a reminder of one of the most inspiring companies I\’ve ever had the pleasure to be involved with.  They say every picture tells a story\”¦ well this picture certainly comes with an interesting tale as to its origins, but the rest of the story is being written every day by this amazing team that I\’m so proud to be a part of.”

Here’s a quick video shot by Brown during the experience…