Email Radio Talks Mobile & SMS Marketing With mobileStorm CEO Jared ReitzinThis Tuesday, October 5th at 1pm EST, mobileStorm’s own Jared Reitzin will join Len Shneyder of Unica to talk about the mobile channel and SMS marketing on the weekly podcast eMail Radio.

Dubbed “Mobile Marketing 101,” Reitzin and Shneyder will be on hand to discuss the myriad of opportunities associated with the mobile channel and to help listeners understand and get started with mobile and SMS marketing.  According to, 40% of iPhone/iTouch users access the internet more on their mobile phone than their desktop, and U.S. mobile internet traffic across all handsets is now estimated between one third and one half that of wired internet traffic- making the mobile phone not the \”third screen,” but increasingly the first.  Among others, topics discussed will include:

  1. What do you need to know about getting into mobile marketing?
  2. How is mobile different from email marketing?
  3. Is mobile marketing basically email marketing on a smaller screen or is there much more to it?

The podcast goes live Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 1pm EST, and will be open to live calls for questions and comments by calling (or Skype) 1-347-637-3461.