Email Marketing Spend Is Growing, Take Steps To Maximize DeliverySeveral sources indicate email marketing spend is set to grow over the next 12 months, but as more brands delve into the process of using email as a marketing medium, it’s becoming  increasingly  apparent that strategic planning and best practice processes are lagging behind.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently published a survey revealing that less than half of marketers have a strategy concerning things like maximum email contact frequency and other basic best practices.  Furthermore, only a quarter of marketers are able to calculate the value of an email address and 12 percent of respondents don’t even know how many emails an address should receive each month.

The findings signal a need for marketers to educate themselves on the best practices that fuel successful email marketing.  Since the medium has been around for so long, the industry as a whole has adopted a so-called unwritten set of rules that every marketer should abide by to ensure compliance and overall success in every email campaign.

The survey highlighted deliverability as marketers\’ biggest concern overall, followed by conversion rates, return on investment and reputation.  A heightened focused on deliverability is attributed to the increasingly specialized tools and expertise required to get email delivered to the intended destination.  Interestingly, sender reputation is ranked as the most important deliverability factor by 36 percent of surveyed marketers, followed by list hygiene (20 percent) and email content (18 percent).

Email marketing is evolving just as other marketing channels are, and advertisers need to be aware of changes regarding everything from deliverability challenges to list-sources and even content optimization to increase impressions and click-thru rates.  With an ever-growing checklist of best-practices, rules and regulations to worry about, it’s sometimes easier to enlist the help of a third-party who focuses 100 percent on the successful outcome of your email campaign.

Marketers are often eager to get started and overlook many compliance issues, deliverability issues and the need to adhere to industry best-practices in terms of privacy and other important factors.  MobileStorm Pro is a premiere digital marketing solution designed to take care of all that and more.  Leave the technical and compliance issues to mobileStorm Pro so you can focus on creating the best email campaign possible.