Email Marketing Census Indicates Need For Advanced Campaign PlanningA new survey published by Econsultancy and Adestra has found a majority of email marketers are yet to incorporate new-age methods and practices into their campaigns, relying instead on legacy methods that are increasingly becoming less effective.

The survey, titled “Email Marketing Industry Census 2010,” found that while most marketers worldwide were using basic segmentation techniques and cleansing their e-mail lists regularly, other advanced e-mail practices were followed by only a minority of respondents.

Though they aren’t currently doing so, many respondents expressed interest in implementing advanced tactics in the future, such as advanced segmentation, personalization and behavioral targeting.  Use of video content and multi-channel triggers were also high on the list of planned integrations.

Another key driver of advanced email campaigns is the integration of social media, with most respondents revealing detailed plans to incorporate some or many forms of social media into their future campaigns.  Based on the survey’s response, Econsultancy concluded that social connections are  increasingly  becoming bidirectional, meaning marketers are not only encouraging users to follow or fan their brand within e-mail messages, but also including e-mail marketing links within their social media presence.

Email marketing has always been, and will remain a solid channel, but as inboxes become more cluttered and volume continues to increase, older “tried-and-true” methods will become less effective over time.  Staying ahead of the curve requires researching and implementing new methods and concepts to stay relevant with consumers.