Calls to ActionLately, I have spent a bit of time pondering how color and \”what color\” can impact conversion in terms of landing page testing. As a marketer myself, (as I\’m sure many of you are), landing page testing is a great way to optimize the conversion funnel especially when budgets are tight. In theory a simple change of color of the background or call to action button for instance, can make a big impact when it comes down to landing page efficiency. Choosing the best color for your landing page becomes tricky because the web designers color wheel or the colors found in your company\’s style book may not translate to marketing success.

So how much really can color change the results of our landing pages? Honestly, I am not entirely sure myself. It has been my experience so far, that the ‘right color\’ can vary depending on your brand, but also depending on the action you want your web visitor to take. Here are a couple bites of heresay for the sake of discussion that I have heard through the grapevine \”¦

One of the first places you can test the impact of color on your bottom line is in the call to action. A simple change of the color of the call to actions can mean phenomenal changes in click through rates. Call to actions should stand out- regardless of whether or not they are some form of a button or text. Depending on your source you may hear that red is a great color for a call to action. Red does seem to be a color that stands out well and catches your attention, but the first thing I often think of when it comes to red is STOP. Unless your brand colors, for instance Target or Trend Micro, include red as a main theme, the RED call to action may not be for you. Some call to action colors that may be worth a try may include:

Orange: Somewhere in between the anger associated with red and the optimism associated with yellow, lies the perfect color for a call to action: orange. As a stand alone, orange can signify warmth and approachability. Orange stands out, but typically doesn\’t have the negative connotations often associated with red. Test it out and let me know what you think\”¦

White: Depending on your background using white on your call to action can help make it stand out even more. White stands for simplicity and purity. It captures the eye and if your page has a darker background can be a nice color for a call to action button. If not using white text on a darker button color can also capture visitors.

Yellow/Gold: It\’s the color of those golden arches a kid can see from what may seem like miles away. McDonalds has long used yellow to maximize the attention and traffic they can get from the road. You too can get more traffic by using it on the web, just be sure to choose the right shade or it can also be overwhelming!

There is no one solution to color testing for landing pages, though the psychology of certain colors do have measurable effects on audiences. When thinking of color schemes for your call to actions and landing pages, consider the big picture. Use colors that bring prominence to your offer, with out giving your visitor second thoughts. And of course test your own theories on what works best and share your experience!

Shaneli Ramratan
Marketing Manager
mobileStorm, Inc.