Digital Marketing Trends Impact Relevancy For SaaS ProvidersAdvances in the technology and methodology associated with digital marketing is having an increasingly profound effect on software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers.  The concept of direct digital marketing in particular is proving to have a substantial impact on the development cycle of SaaS providers as well.

The two concepts of digital marketing and SaaS go hand in hand.  The core attributes of successful digital marketing are increasingly being centered around relevancy and personalization being delivered on-demand, whether reaching someone via email, mobile or the Web.

SaaS platforms execute on-demand deliverability while taking into account relevance, personalization and other targeting metrics along the way.  In addition, SaaS platforms contain seamless integration between all digital marketing mediums — email, mobile and the Web — while remaining easy to use, easy to implement, cost-efficient and can adapt to changing market conditions with inherent scalability, unlike most previous proprietary methods.

Brian Deagan over at eCommerce Times wrote an excellent article comparing the latest trends in digital marketing with the increased integration with SaaS providers, and how the two work together to advance digital marketing to the next level.  He explains the concept of data “housing,” and the importance of keeping marketing data and content closely integrated.  SaaS platforms provide the leverage needed to mashup marketing data and content on-demand and serve advertisements utilizing the two in real-time- improving overall efficiency, cost and effectiveness in the end.

Deagan goes on to explain that strategies involving highly targeted segments, message relevance, multi-channel campaigns and the latest and most compelling tactical marketing and SaaS development trend of onsite targeting are now all possible thanks to savvy software companies that are able to capitalize on the trends uncovered by marketers.  The best way to understand the confluence of direct digital marketing and SaaS platform development trends is by examining specific examples of the two in action.

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