Digital Books The New Frontier of Mobile MarketingIt’s taken a while to get here, but it now appears that the “inevitable” is on the way.

Soon, mobile marketers will have a new, large, and potentially very lucrative frontier in which to venture: the iBookstore – Apple’s hugely popular digital book storefront.

For digital advertisers, the placement of digital ads (iAds) within digital books would be monumental. Targeting consumers with specific reading or genre preferences will not only advance the effectiveness of contemporary mobile marketing campaigns, but also open up an entirely new and expansive platform in which to reach a public that is more comfortable now than ever with digital advertising.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “with e-reader prices dropping like a stone and major tech players jumping into the book retail business, what room is left for publishers’ profits? The surprising answer: ads. They’re coming soon to a book near you.”

As the WSJ concludes by virtue of the eventual dawn of mobile marketing within our digital content consumption, \”The historically staid and technology-averse publishing ecosystem has been ripped apart and transformed.”

If the concept of “spreading the wealth around” in the mobile space seems appropriate here, it might be because the arrival of iAds within iBooks could do more to financially aid all the major players in mobile content publishing like never before – the developers, the publishing companies, the advertisers, the platform provider, and the authors themselves.

Digital books may very well be the new frontier in mobile marketing.