Happy New Year 2015. 3dIt’s that time of year again. Predictions are coming from every corner — and like all predictions, some will come true and others won’t.

However, a recent report by Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Media Strategies (WMS) and Application Ecosystem Opportunities (AEO), suggests that “strong growth in mobile advertising spend, increasing momentum in the mobile payments sector, and the rising influence of Asian companies on the global mobile media landscape” are among the ten trends to look for in 2015.

“Mobile Media and Apps Predictions for 2015” highlights factors that will impact the industry in the coming months. Some of the most intriguing predictions include:

  1. Consumer and advertiser spending on mobile media will pass the $300 billion mark.
  2. Mobile advertising momentum will continue to build as spending approaches $30 billion.
  3. Chinese and Asian developers and content publishers will have greater influence in the global apps marketplace.
  4. Operator data monetization plans will continue to suffer from net neutrality uncertainty issues.

Other highlights include predictions that Facebook will introduce a payment platform for younger consumers, the global eBooks market will start to stall, and that the “connected car” app ambitions of auto manufacturers will also be stymied throughout 2015.