Consumers Embrace Coupons Like Never Before, Shift To Mobile ContinuingMarketers distributed some 367 billion coupons in 2009, the highest number on record since tracking began in 1988.  Last year also saw the first year-over-year increase in coupon redemption since 1992, signaling a renewed interest in the medium from both sides of the equation.  With coupons making a resurgence, mobile is waiting on the sidelines to take the medium to a new level.

Digital coupons, and Online coupons in particular, have doubled in distribution in recent times, with companies releasing 92% more in 2009 over 2008.  More surprising, consumers redeemed 360% more coupons in 2009 over the previous year as well.  Attributed in large part to the economy being in the state it’s been, it’s still impressive usage numbers to say the least.

The dominant distribution model for coupons is still newspapers, were 89% of all coupons were distributed.  More than half of those redeemed by consumers derived from newspapers as well, showing consumers are hesitant to venture away from a medium they’ve been used to for decades.  Still, the ecosystem surrounding coupons is changing rapidly.

With usage of coupons remaining at high levels, the channels in which they’re distributed will continue to shift to digital mediums overtime, though it may take longer than anticipated.  As newspapers and print media in general continue to decline, marketers will be forced to utilize new-age mediums such as the Web, email and mobile, and consumers will need to become  accustom  to receiving and redeeming coupons digitally as well.

Mobile coupons are still a relatively new and under-utilize form of marketing, and consumers remain hesitant with the idea.  As the technology and integration improves, so to will the mindset of consumers who will undoubtedly embrace the medium as they have with newspaper-derived coupons.  To learn more about mobile marketing, mobile coupons and what it can do for your business, check out mobileStorm today.