Bridging The Gap Between In-House and Digital Marketing Platforms Via API IntegrationA key innovation that’s made itself known recently in the world of digital marketing is the concept of API integration.  The ability to easily transfer data to and from different platforms and software within a single marketing campaign has made life much easier for any digital marketer.

A single digital marketing campaign can include things like email marketing, RSS-based marketing, and even mobile marketing solutions such as SMS, mobile coupons and a variety of other things.  Each aspect of that one digital marketing campaign includes specific software and platforms that help coordinate the data flowing through each solution.

For example, if your campaign includes email marketing, mobile coupons and RSS feeds, you’re likely faced with using one platform for your email needs, another to facilitate mobile coupon distribution and tracking and yet another for your RSS-based marketing.  Certain data flowing through one platform might be needed to influence data flowing through another, and so on.

That’s where API integration comes into play.  Instead of having to manually login and interact with each platform separately, APIs can be introduced to systematically communicate and migrate data between all aspects of your campaign without any interaction from you whatsoever.

APIs are particularly beneficial for those who have already developed applications in-house, but need a way to import and export data between those in-house applications and third-party providers.  For example, suppose you maintain your own in-house marketing database made up of opt-in contacts that you’ve collected overtime, but you’d like to import that data into a third-party marketing platform for use in future marketing campaigns.  Instead of having to manually input the data into the platform, a simple API could be introduced that extracts the data systematically for you in real-time without you having to life a finger.

The power of API integration within digital marketing campaigns becomes more apparent as the complexity of the campaign increases, but it’s still relevant within the most basic of campaigns as well.  In today’s digital marketing landscape, let APIs handle the legwork for you so you focus on making your campaign as successful as possible.

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