Successful advertisers have long extolled the virtues and benefits of mobile marketing in raising brand awareness and, subsequently, driving brand loyalty. But it always helps to have solid evidence and numerical data to support such suspicions.

Further suggesting the potent viability of mobile marketing as a tool for cultivating brand awareness is a new study from digital marketing research firm InsightExpress, which claims that mobile marketing campaigns are up to five times more effective than online advertising channels and mechanisms in fostering and building up consumer recognition of brands.

Speaking to the findings of the study, Joy Liuzzo, senior director of marketing and mobile research for InsightExpress, stated: “The high levels of engagement, the explosion in technical capabilities, low levels of clutter and the novelty of mobile advertising all likely contribute to increased brand impact.”

The case studies of mobile marketing’s success at shoring up brand awareness are piling in with every passing day. RadioShack, for example, famously proclaimed an 8.4% brand awareness increase in the wake of some of the company’s initial and most aggressive mobile marketing endeavors as long ago as 2008. Yet, while many believe that mobile marketing works most effectively in pushing established brands, the truth of the matter is that labels new or old are shown to gain enormous traction in almost equal step via mobile marketing, which comparably thrives at both introducing brands and strengthening existing relationships.

Even before the most recent data suggesting mobile marketing’s prevalence and potential were published, industry analysts have forecast an increasing number of businesses across a broad spectrum of industries placing greater effort into further developing their mobile presence – through mobile websites, mobile marketing campaigns, and a better integration of digital advertising with more traditional methods. Research conducted by R2integrated earlier this year found that better than three-quarters of all businesses now consider mobile marketing a critical component of a sound promotional strategy.

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