The mobileStorm gang gathered the Friday before Halloween for a good ole’ fashion costume party, and while there were many creative get-ups, one stood out above the rest to become the winner of the coveted “best costume” prize.

“Bieber Fever” was in full force as our own Darren Withers — mobileStorm’s Director of Business Development — donned his best skin-tight jeans, a Bieber t-shirt that could only be described as way too small, and the trademark Bieber hair style and sunglasses to become the mini pop-star himself.

Not to be outdone, we were graced with the likes of pirates, 20’s gangsters, Hansel from Zoolander and even Lindsay Lohan in an orange jumpsuit and ankle bracelet.  Thanks to the creative minds of our dedicated stormtroopers, it was yet another successful mobileStorm Halloween.