Beyond Mobile, It's All About Location For Email Marketers TooLocation technologies are looked upon to enhance mobile marketing and advertising campaigns across the board, but email marketers can leverage the location craze as well — enhancing targeting, relevancy and overall ROI in the process.

Though not as tightly integrated as the mobile channel, location-based tools can enhance email marketing campaigns just as easily, it just takes an understanding of where and what to look for.  Geotargeted ecommerce tracking tools allow retailers to analyze exactly what traffic is coming from which designated market area based on the user’s IP address, for example, so using the right tools allow retailers to easily tailor content, advertisements, and emails based on Web traffic and marketing success in specific regions.

Using these and other methods mean emails can be targeted based not only on which products are most popular in that region but also on the time that most people in that area tend to purchase.  If you’re selling team-based sports gear, for instance, you can analyze what products are most popular where, what time consumers in certain locations are most likely to purchase them, and what drove them to the site in the first place.

You may see that a particular player’s jersey is the most popular product at the moment, and that it’s purchased most frequently right after a game ends — but you may also see sales data that suggests an East coast’s team is widely popular in a specific region on the West coast as well, meaning you can tailor your messaging accordingly.  Without the appropriate location data, you wouldn’t have had that insight.  Retailers using location-based tools don’t have to guess what people in a certain location are interested in, because they already have the information if they know where to look.

In addition, marketers can create location-specific landing pages to link from their email campaigns.  Merchants can take that location-based information and messaging data to create a unique landing page on their Website to further personalize a location-friendly user experience.  While you may sell jerseys for multiple baseball teams, consumers clicking through to your offer for 30% off a David Ortiz jersey can be sent to a site that appeals to Red Sox fans specifically.

With email marketing, it’s all about fine-tuning your messages so they stand out from the hundreds of other emails your audience receives on any given day.  Leveraging the power of location is a primary tool in doing just that.  Just like location has revolutionized mobile marketing and advertising, it will continue to do the same for email as well.