Apple iPad Provides Yet Another Boon To Mobile AdvertisingThe announcement of the Apple iPad not only brought an entirely new mobile device to market, but ushered in a new wave of mobile advertising, mobile app branding and content distribution unlike anything seen in a long time.

While the iPhone provided the same impact a few short years ago, the iPad takes things to an entirely different level and opens new possibilities that no other device before it could accomplish.  Beyond the innovations in mobile payments provided by iTunes, the breakthrough concept in mobile app management provided by the App Store and other technological firsts that were provided by the iPhone, the iPad adds a much larger screen, more power under the hood and other tweaks and advancements that extend the potential that much further.

Combining the benefits of the iPhone, which has had lasting effects in the world of mobile advertising, with a large screen that brings everything to life in terms of the mobile Web, videos and other rich media helps blur the lines dividing mobile devices and full-blown notebook computers.

Notebooks provide a vibrant screen allowing marketers to display rich media campaigns that engage users on higher levels than when compared to the limited canvas of mobile devices, and likewise, mobile devices allow for extreme targeting and relevancy for marketers that aren’t possible on computers.  The iPad gives marketers the best of both worlds.

While the iPad is a so-called high-end device and therefore won’t be a mass-market device anytime soon, it will undoubtedly usher in a new wave of tablets that follow the same functionality and hardware design.  As this technology segment improves, so to will an entirely new mobile advertising ecosystem that takes full advantage of the potential.