8 Out of 10 Online Adults Now Have a SmartphoneFreshly published data from the new GWI Device Report shows that smartphone ownership is exceedingly elevated among adults who routinely go online.

According to analyst Jason Mander, PCs and laptops remain in “pole position,” as 91% of internet users between the ages of 16-64 admit to personally owning one. But smartphone ownership doesn’t trail too far behind.

“Smartphones have now established themselves as absolutely mainstream devices too,” Mander explains, citing data that 80% of online adults now admit to owning a smartphone.

And the growth isn’t about to slow. In fact, the data indicates a strong possibility — if not probability — that 2015 will be the year when smartphones finally “reach parity with PCs/laptops.”

“Tablets are also nearing an important landmark; close to 50% of internet users report having one personally, although whether previous rates of growth will continue in the face of ever-improving smartphones – especially in the ‘phablet’ space – will be a key metric to watch in the year ahead,” the analyst adds.