63 Percent Of Small Businesses Have Finally Gone DigitalDigital marketing has finally turned the corner for a majority of U.S. small businesses.

From social media ads to SMS marketing, domestic small business owners are now embracing online and mobile channels to an unprecedented degree with staggeringly impressive results to show for their efforts.

“The small business landscape is one that is always changing,” reads the intro to a report summary of Vistaprint’s newest Small Business Digital Trends survey. “What’s true of this intrepid group one year may take an unexpected turn the next. So it’s always fascinating to touch base with business owners and learn about their needs, challenges, and aspirations for their businesses.”

All told, the survey data shows that 63 percent of small business owners now use digital products as part or all of their marketing strategy.

And they are a very hands-on group when it comes to their efforts (80% of website owners are their own webmaster and don’t rely on outside IT specialists).

“Of those business owners with Facebook profiles, 65% use or are considering trying Facebook advertising for their business,” the summary notes. “Though other social profiles made a strong showing, Facebook maintains the top spot with 88% of social businesses using it for their marketing.”

So what’s the most common reason small business owners are investing in digital and social marketing? Based on the survey results in question, it’s to generate more customer leads.