There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about so-called “cloud computing,” in which all software and utilities are stored and accessed on the Internet rather than on a user’s hardware. Think of, which sells software as a service (SaaS). mobileStorm is SaaS-y too! Yahoo, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard have a joint project to create a… Read More

Interview marketing is more than a self-branding tool  used by the likes of Barbara Walters. It  is a powerful strategy that gives you free quality content and free quality links. If done right it, might place your site into top rankings without much effort. Interview marketing is clear-cut: You interview people, place these interviews on your site,… Read More

Tech watchers were bummed last week when Research In Motion announced that for the current quarter, its margins will narrow and earnings will be lower than analysts had expected. The concern is that RIM, to keep up with the Joneses–er, Jobses–will have to spend more on its BlackBerry to ensure the device stays as technologically hip as… Read More

As of today, there’s less than a week left in September–which has been declared “National Coupon Month” by the Promotion Marketing Association’s Coupon Council. Add to that the Wall Street rollercoaster ride, and there’s no better time than now to try using coupons to boost sales in a slowing. The PMA’s Coupon Council offeres some interesting stats:… Read More

I am talking about something huge that will happen pretty soon, I assume in the next year or two: SEO becoming obsolete. Google has already talking about it for quite some time; it’s become reality in both their Labs and in actual SERP (search engine results pages). In this new world, search results will be different for… Read More

No man is an island, especially when he attends an event where planners have implemented “text-to-screen” technology. You’ve probably seen this before–perhaps in a bar, or at a sporting event. On a big video screen, there might be a quiz or poll that asks the crowd to vote on a particularly interesting topic (favorite barmaid, most valuable… Read More

A popular cable show and a maverick airline: Hot brands launched an even hotter digital marketing campaign, leveraged by SMS. Entourage–the HBO comedy about a hot Hollywood actor and his surrounding group of helpers and hangers-on–kicked off its fifth season last week. But the show generated buzz a few days beforehand. First, marketers implemented a cross-promotion with… Read More

It is right to say that Google actually owns the Internet. These guys with a fresh vision came out of nowhere, and with the right idea, exactly 10 years ago this week. No one could ever imagine what that startup would become in just a decade. Billions of dollars in income isn’t the most terrifying thing about… Read More


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