Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Boosts Revenue With mobileStorm SMSLike most casinos, the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas was looking for innovative opportunities to bring new customers in and keep them gambling.  In doing so, the casino wanted a solution that could be rapidly deployed, easily trackable, and provide measurable ROI along the way.

With SMS offering all these capabilities and more, it was a logical choice for an innovative and experimental mobile marketing campaign.  Planet Hollywood partnered with mobileStorm to leverage its premiere SMS marketing platform to develop a test campaign to prove the effectiveness of the medium and mobileStorm\’s dedication to success.

The promotion represented a true “set it and forget it” campaign for Planet Hollywood, as various SMS calls-to-action were placed around the gaming floor prompting users to text-in to a different keyword for each placement.  Using the favored double opt-in approach, users were encouraged to text-in for a chance to win various prizes, receiving a second opt-in triggered auto-response which included an offer for free game play.

By the end of the short pilot program, Planet Hollywood realized a 70% overall success rate, with a 13.5% new player conversion.  Building on its results, the casino now plans to boost its mobile promotion strategy to continue building awareness, new sign-ups, increased revenue, and a clear path to incomparable ROI using mobileStorm SMS.

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