mobileStorm Video CommercialBy its very nature, a marketing technology company needs to be ahead of the curve in the industry it serves. Once again, mobileStorm succeeds – this time with its entré into video.

First, mobileStorm created a new video production unit aimed at creating content for customers and prospects, such as how-to, case study, and demo videos. Second, the company will host these videos – as well as its own funny, irreverent commercials – on its new video community site. mobileStorm hopes site users will be made up of both Internet video fans and those who want to get into the genre.

Indeed, any marketer ought to start using digital video in their campaigns and promotions. Here are a few reasons why:
* BurstMedia recently found that seven of 10 U.S. adults surveyed have watched online video. Of males 18-24, 33.7 percent watch one or more times a day. Women, too, watch video at least a few times a week – more than a quarter of women ages 18-14 and ages 25 and older, to be exact.
* AccuStream iMedia Research said in a new report that views of user-generated video increased to 22 billion views in 2007, up 70 percent in 2006, and will grow to 34 billion views in 2008.
* The average user-generated video got 10,695 hits in 2007, according to AccuStream.

And while viewers like to watch online videos for their own merits, they don\’t like ads therein: BurstMedia said half of respondents stopped watching an Internet video once they encountered an in-stream ad.

Thus, having ads within video might not be as beneficial as having one\’s own video proper. That\’s why marketers should think about creating videos to post on the web – such short flicks are sure to meet receptive audiences. And mobileStorm can help.

Check it out: mobileStorm\’s video community site.