Guide To Short Codes

The Ultimate Guide to Common Short Codes

Detailed Guide to Common Short Codes

Be Short . . . Lengthen Your Revenue Stream

With the explosion of mobile marketing, the use of sms short codes has become a major part of integrated marketing and promotions campaigns. Shortcode/keyword combinations are used as a call to action on everything from print pieces to outdoor ads, television, and radio–each asking people to text-in. Today, in television, radio, billboards and print media, short codes are an important touch-point for attracting and enticing new and repeat customers. This engaging Guide to Common Short Codes gives a complete description of the structure of the short code industry and answers key questions about what to expect when obtaining a short code for commercial purposes.

With this common short code guide, you will learn:

  1. Why it can take 12 weeks or longer to get through the application process and secure your short code
  2. How to implement the right strategy and get the best results with your code
  3. Whether you should go with a shared short code vs. dedicated code and more!

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