SMS and Mobile Apps

How to Conduct an Effective SMS Pilot

How to Nail a Mobile Marketing Campaign Using SMS and Mobile Apps

Learn How Your Business Can Knock It Out of the Park

It’s an exciting time to be a mobile marketer since there are now many ways to communicate with your audience and virtually limitless ways that your audience can communicate back to you. Mobile apps now give your brand limitless choices on how to communicate, but how do you incorporate them into a larger mix that includes SMS so that your campaign can be more effective than either by themselves?

This whitepaper will detail the following components of a cross platform mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Planning – How to set goals for your campaign and identify the resources necessary.
  2. Growth – How to create and grow your audience.
  3. Cross platform growth – How to use SMS to increase mobile app downloads.
  4. Strengths – What types of messages work best in SMS vs mobile apps and how to use each to their potential.
  5. Execution – How to conduct the campaign and what to look for while it is running.
  6. Conclusion – How to evaluate its effectiveness and gain insight into how SMS and mobile apps can best be used by your organization.

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