Maximize Email Delivery

How to Maximize Email Open and Delivery Rates

How to Maximize Email Open and Delivery Rates

Learn How to Attain Epic Delivery and Open Rates

With the evolution of spam filtering, automated mail servers and the sheer amount of email being sent and received on a daily basis, open and delivery rates are front and center on the mind of any email marketer. Though it remains a concern, there are several steps that can be taken to boost open rates and increase deliverability, but where do you start?

Reports indicate that average deliverability for emails sent from legitimate email servers average roughly 56%, with 8% being filtered out of the inbox, 16% being bounced and 20% being rejected all together. This means roughly half of the email sent is never delivered. You can rise well above this statistic however, by implementing some key strategies in the way you structure and distribute your email campaigns.

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