Make Money With Mobile

10 Ways to Make More Money with Mobile Marketing

Profitable and Effective SMS Marketing

Develop a Killer Mobile Marketing Offering For Your Clients

Any way you cut it; mobile marketing should be a priority in 2010.  The time has never been better to educate yourself in the ways of mobile marketing, and develop a solid mobile strategy and solution offering for your clients.

As an agency, you’re looked upon to provide guidance in terms of the latest and greatest marketing methodologies, and mobile should take center stage in providing that guidance. This whitepaper details 10 ways to help you formulate a mobile offering and better utilize mobile marketing to earn more money for your agency and your clients.

  1. Become your client’s mobile strategist
  2. Short Code hosting
  3. Strengthen your client’s brand
  4. Make “messaging” your business
  5. Best practices

And 5 more money making strategies for the savvy mobile marketing professional.

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