Effective SMS Pilot

How to Conduct an Effective SMS Pilot

How to Conduct an Effective SMS Pilot

Learn How to Evaluate Whether SMS is Right for Your Business

To evaluate the true effectiveness of SMS and its potential contribution to your organizational goals, there’s no better method than conducting a well planned SMS pilot program. Since its sole purpose is to demonstrate what new markets can be penetrated and what hurdles can be jumped using SMS, an effective pilot program requires detailed planning, solid measurement, and constant optimization throughout the promotion, followed by a well thought-out go forward plan once the pilot is finished.

This whitepaper will detail the following components of an effective SMS pilot program:

  1. Planning – What criteria to set up before the launch of our campaign.
  2. Execution – How to conduct the pilot and what to look for while it is running.
  3. Conclusion – How to evaluate its effectiveness and gain insight into how SMS can best be used by your organization.

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