SMS Primer

SMS Primer - Effective SMS Marketing

Profitable and Effective SMS Marketing

SMS Has Sailed . . . But You Can Still Jump On

SMS Marketing is quickly surpassing email technology as a tool for marketers and also for customer relationship management. In a recent study by Nielsen Mobile, 23% of U.S. mobile phone users remember seeing mobile advertising in the last month, and over 50% responded to the ad!

Many of us are familiar with SMS text messaging, but applying effective SMS marketing to your business may seem difficult. With a few basic definitions, we can help dispel the myth that SMS marketing isn’t for small- and medium-sized businesses. In an astonishingly short time, you can have SMS campaigns up and running–and start enjoying the benefits of marketing via SMS.

  1. Huge reach–two billion cell phone users worldwide
  2. Phenomenal response rates– dramatically higher than email
  3. Targeted and welcomed messaging to your customer or prospects
  4. Easy and quick start to building your database of future clients

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