Best Practices


Practical Digital Messaging Best Practices

Practice Makes Perfect

Technology helps marketers get messages out faster than ever. Current tools can ensure your message is relevant and timely. But as technology keeps improving and adoption rates are growing, marketers face new challenges. What is effective? What is even legal or acceptable? What is the best practice? How should a marketer maximize a return on different messaging types? And how can you benefit from digital marketing best practices that are special to your industry?

mobileStorm’s new white paper, entitled “Digital Messaging Best Practices For Geniuses,” explains all to both the beginner and the veteran. The paper includes discussion of:

  1. Getting Started–an explanation of how to implement a digital campaign, with definitions of important terms
  2. Permissions–make sure recipients really want to receive your messages, and make it easy for them to stop doing so
  3. Design–what\’s effective and looks great in an email isn\’t the same for SMS, and vice versa
  4. Laws & Regulations–legal ramifications of digital messaging
  5. Industry-specific examples of digital message marketing

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