Mobile Marketing Report

A Comprehensive Overview of the Mobile Marketing Industry

Learn the Technologies That Power Today’s Mobile Campaigns

It’s no secret that the mobile channel is quickly becoming the most powerful means to reach consumers today.  The idea of most consumers having their mobile device with them at all times combined with the emerging technologies being built into today’s devices bring a wealth of opportunity to marketers. With the resources available today, marketers are able to fine-tune their campaigns based on a never-ending stream of metrics.  This includes specific demographics, interests, where they’ve been, what they purchase, what their social graph looks like, and most importantly, real-time location data.  Our in-depth report covers everything from the simplest of concepts to the most advanced technologies and campaigns, including…

  1. Broad concepts such as SMS, mobile applications and the mobile Web
  2. Mobile measurement, analytics and campaign metrics
  3. Mobile coupons, mobile display advertising and proximity marketing
  4. Mobile location technologies, and Location Based Services (LBS)
  5. Mobile commerce, payments and Near Field Communication (NFC)
  6. Social media, mobile barcodes, image recognition and much more…

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