2011 mHealth Report

Mobile Healthcare Technology Trends and Innovations

A Comprehensive Guide to the Emerging mHealth Industry

During the past decade, there’s been significant investment and development in the areas of mHealth, with most of it being centered on early-stage initiatives geared exclusively toward early-adopters, forward-thinking hospitals and tech-savvy physicians.  Recently, however, technology and attitudes on both the business management and provider sides have seen a major shift, making mHealth approachable to a much broader audience – including a wide range of physicians, nurses, patients, payers, healthcare administrators and consumers.  This report covers all the major technologies and concepts that make up the mHealth market, including…

  1. Mobile health monitoring, telemedicine and mobile medical equipment
  2. Health & fitness applications, smartphone adoption
  3. Secure mobile messaging and SMS
  4. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) and Personal Health Records (PHRs)
  5. Social health communities & much more….

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