Gaming_Large-03When mobileStorm first launched in 1999 the majority of our original clients were entertainment based companies. Festivals, nightclubs, concerts, record labels, cinema…we are based in Los Angeles what do you expect? Being our original and oldest vertical we have vast amounts of experience in the entertainment field. Let us help you build and maintain a fan base the right way.


Ent_Large-02Event Management requires a specific set of features that if used correctly will boost the power of your mobile and email event marketing. Working with some of the world's most prominent entertainment powerhouses mobileStorm can cut through the issues that entertainment companies face when managing multiple events, customized content and fluid mobile strategies.


Gaming_Large-05Data services like Reputation Defender enable us to remove spam traps and bad email addresses from your lists before you send to them. Being proactive with data hygiene is a big part of reaching more of inboxes and staying out of Spam or Junk folders. Keeping your data clean, manicured and secure is in part why mobileStorm has been chosen by some of the biggest and best entities in the entertainment space.


Ent_Large-04 Email design is forever changing and if you do not change with it your mail may be doomed! Entertainment companies often like to "Sell the Sizzle" using a single large image, too many links or questionable subject matter and as a result their inbox delivery has suffered. As the standards for smart phones and inbox delivery change, mobileStorm aids clients in creating responsive, delivery-friendly designs that will maximize results without sacrificing your brand…or your sizzle!

Best Practices

Ent_Large-05With new and frequently amended legislation under the TCPA it is extremely vital that our entertainment clients are properly educated when it comes to obtaining opt-in information, following legal advice, implementing strategy and executing other best practices steps. mobileStorm combines technological features, expertise and brainpower in order to keep clients on the right side of the law and avoid fines and lawsuits.


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