When our CEO founded mobileStorm in 1999, it wasn’t because of an amazing idea he had or the fact that mobile was going to be the next major tech revolution. No, his goal was much simpler than that, he wanted to be free. Free to make his own decisions, free to innovate at his own pace, and free to work with whomever he wanted to.

Our roots are deeply cemented in freedom (very much like this great country we live in). We offer flexible hours; employees are encouraged to decide how to best use their time. We don’t manage top down, everyone is encouraged to make his or her own decisions and we all fly coach.

We work hard to extend freedom to our clients. We free up large quantities of our clients’ time because we don’t believe enterprise platforms should be complicated to use (we are smitten with HTML 5).  We don’t even ‘sell messages’ anymore like our competitors still do; we now offer unlimited messaging for both Email and SMS.  Every tier we offer practically comes with the same technology, services and support, you just get a bit more stuff with the higher tiers.

A salary is just icing when you love what you do! Jared realized this and firmly believes if everyone at mobileStorm can experience some of the same freedom he enjoys as the CEO, then other team members will be incredibly passionate and dedicated.  The end result being everyone we work with from Vendors to Clients, will benefit. Our technology is developed so that our client’s end-user has the freedom to decide how they want to be communicated with: Email, SMS or Mobile Apps. As a Communication Service Provider (CSP) our mission is to help our clients communicate utilizing as much relevance as possible.  Once this is in place then everyone is free; from the ISP who delivers email to the consumer who wants to be engaged via meaningful messaging.

When you are working with us, whether you are an employee, client or vendor, we encourage you to push the boundaries. Life is too short to not enjoy where you spend most of your waking hours. So if you have some free time on your hands, see what makes us happy. Take a tour of our offices, and check out our core values.