Planet Hollywood

Planet Hollywood mobileStorm Case Study

mobileStorm Case Study

Planet Hollywood Adds to Players Club and Boosts Revenue with SMS; Campaign Generates 13.5% New-Player Conversions

Like most casinos, Planet Hollywood was looking for innovative opportunities to bring new customers in, keep them playing while encourage sign-ups to its “A-List Players Club” rewards program.  In doing so, the casino needed a solution which could be rapidly deployed, easily trackable and provide measurable ROI along the way.  With SMS offering all these capabilities and more, it was a logical choice to boost player incentive, encourage sign-ups and keep players on the gaming floor.  mobileStorm’s premiere SMS marketing platform was chosen by Planet Hollywood to achieve these objectives based on years of experience in providing a wide-range of successful SMS campaigns.  mobileStorm worked with Planet Hollywood to develop  test campaigns proving the effectiveness of the medium and mobileStorm’s dedication to success in meeting any and all campaign objectives.

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