Gaming_Large-03We look for dedicated, passionate employees who will challenge our customers to understand their goals that drive towards understanding their return on investment. Our team is made up of experienced gaming veterans who understand player behavior, industry issues and compliance. They help you understand not only how to use the mobileStorm platform, but how to drive players into your casino.


Gaming_Large-02Technology is nothing new for casinos: Player Tracking Systems, POS systems, Hotel Systems, Kiosks, Cash Systems, Ticketing Systems, CRM, and a variety of other operational systems generate a goldmine of data. It's a big win for a casino to have a mobile communications provider that can integrate with these solutions and trigger messages in real time, while the player is in the right state of mind. Influencing player behavior is essential and can be accomplished through these types of integrations.


Gaming_Large-01Regulatory compliance is serious business. From state gaming control/commissions to special gaming requirements by the CTIA and the Carriers, mobileStorm has experience working in the most difficult gaming jurisdictions in the US. Age verification has been built into the mobileStorm platforms, as well as other controls that are specific to mobile compliance in the gaming industry.


Gaming_Large-04Trying to match the right message to the right player at the right time? A multichannel approach allows for segmentation by player value and tier status. It is a difficult challenge to relate a player ID to an opted in cell phone subscriber and email subscriber separately. Having a provider that can handle all of your digital communications from one system allows player data to more easily sync to multiple channels, reducing the need to identify email and cell subscribers separately.


Gaming_Large-05Knowing the ins and outs of how player data is managed, segmented, and the challenge of husbands and wives sharing email addresses and cell numbers can be a complex task to ensure targeting data and tier levels are up-to-date and accurate. mobileStorm has developed key processes for not only managing and syncing data, but ensuring the right offer is delivered to the right person 100% of the time.


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